Malmö Monument
Congratulations! For the next month you are the custodian of Malmö Monument # 01 (01-05). After one month has past, you must choose somebody else to be the next custodian and give them the sculpture. They in turn will look after the sculpture in their home, until it is their turn to choose another custodian.

The Malmö Monument is a series of five small peripatetic, or nomadic public sculptures moving around people’s homes in Malmö. Each sculpture is a copy of an original that was made collectively during a workshop in May 2022. Each one is slightly different. You can use the sculpture as you like in your own home. The only rule is the you must care for the sculpture, and when it is time, to choose another custodian who will honour this agreement to care for the sculpture, and then pass it on. We hope that the sculpture continues to tour around Malmö for years to come as a collectively owned public sculpture.

The sculpture comes in a box with these instructions. Please pass these on the the next custodian. We would also like you to send us a photo of it inside your home once it finds its place. Please send as good resolution photograph as you ca,n to artist James Prevett who initiated the project. The photos will be added to a growing archive of all the places the sculptures have been housed and looked after.