Things for Homes / Homes for Things 
2018 - 
Homes for Things / Things for Homes is a long term project with TACO! in Thamesmead, London around sculpture and  the home. Evolving from a simple idea to give sculptures to local people in Thamesmead to live with, it has developed into long conversations around sculpture and the social life of objects. Why is it that so few people have what we might call sculpture in their homes? Do our objects become domesticated? Does sculpture need a public? What is it that makes something sculpture or sculptural?

The project has resulted in a series of five 30min audio works for radio broadcast, a series of twelve sculpture given to people and a an artist book to be published in 2022.

Parties for Public Sculpture

2013 - 
An ongoing project where

where artist(s) are invited to work with him to throw a party for a public sculpture in Helsinki. The artists choose the sculpture, define the party and invite its guests. The parties re-activate public sculptures, stimulate their public consciousness and ask what we choose to celebrate and why?

Isolation Sculptures
with Lempi Prevett
A series of sculptures made with my daughter whilst in isolation during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Meditation Diagram
Food packaging, forund wood, paint
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Transitional Modelling
Amos Rex, Helsinki
A collective clay modelling workshop. The workshop was devised for the Schoooooool with Many Holes,  a parasitic asrt school withing Amos Rex art museum. Participants were both the model and the artist at the same time. They created many faced heads guded by timed exercises to music.

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