Parts (for Muuri) scores
With Maarit Mustonen
A publication of visual and musical scores made collectively with children, musicians and a composer. The scores were made at and in response to a temporary public sculpture by Joni Kärkkäinen and Jukka Tarvainen for the Helsinki Biennial 2021. Images by Maarit Mustonen and Ilona Burstoff

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Transitional Modelling
Amos Rex, Helsinki
A collective clay modelling workshop. The workshop was devised for the Schoooooool with Many Holes,  a parasitic asrt school withing Amos Rex art museum. Participants were both the model and the artist at the same time. They created many faced heads guded by timed exercises to music.

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Amzing Rubbish Sculpture
With Lempi Prevett
A video workshop made with Lempi Prevett (my daughter) making models for new public sculptures. Commissioned by FLOCK. Watch the video here:
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